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QMS provides mechanical integrity analysis/inspection of tanks, vessels, and piping to safeguard your operations. QMS employs certified inspection professionals to meet your compliance requirements (through the American Petroleum Institute / API).  Let QMS assist you with your NYS Chemical Bulk Storage compliance requirements.

As part of our service offering, Quality Mechanical Services performs a variety of services to ensure the best value, highest efficiency, and sound integrity of your equipment. We provide a variety of Engineering Services to assist you with your upcoming new construction or to improve on the system/equipment you currently have in place.

Services offered

Services offered

Engineering Services

• Design Build
• HVAC System Design
• Current HVAC/Refrigeration system assessment
• Heating/Cooling Load Calculation
• Refrigeration System Design
• Mechanical Integrity Assessment
• Vessel/tank Inspections: New York State Chemical Bulk Storage and American Petroleum compliant
• Piping Inspections
• Energy Savings Analysis

New York State Chemical Bulk Storage
  • Annual Inspections per 6NYCRR part 598.7(b)
  • Above Ground 5 year inspections per 6NYCRR part 598.7(c)
  • NYS Professional Engineer Review and Sign Off per 6 NYCRR part 599
  • New Installation Compliance Documenentation under 6 NYCRR part 599
  • Underground Tank Inspections per 6 NYCRR part 598.6



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